Native American Trail Marker Trees: Marking Paths Through The Wilderness

Author: Dennis Downes
Foreword: Janet Davies
Publisher: Chicago's Books Press

Hardcover: $39.50
264 pages with 250+ illustrations

This new book by renowned artist and researcher Dennis Downes focuses on the history of Native American Trail Marker Trees. This book is the result of the author’s lifelong passion concerning the Trail Marker Trees, used by Native Americans throughout their history, both pre– and post-European settlement in North America and the role early pioneers and historians played in helping to save this part of history. This exciting book, a beautiful combination of history and nature, has 264 pages with more than 250 color and black and white photographs, maps and memorabilia. It is based on Dennis’ broad travels throughout North America and Europe during which he researched ancient cultures and incorporated the research into his artwork. Dennis was first influenced by his own Native American relative and later by working with several Native American experts and historians across the country. In addition, he has made it his lifelong dedication to finding, identifying, researching, and protecting these culturally modified living landmarks. The book includes detailed stories about Trail Marker Trees in more than 19 states and in Canada; it is the culmination of his travels and nearly thirty years of research. This is the first publication to focus in such detail on this unique form of land and water navigation used by the Native Americans and later the early pioneers.

There is also a fascinating Foreword to this book was written by well-known Chicago television host and executive producer of ABC7 News’ 190 North Janet Davies.

Trail Marker Trees