Chicago's Classic Restaurants: Past, Present and Future

Authors: Neal Samors and Eric Bronsky, with Bob Dauber
Foreword: Penny Pollack
Publisher: Chicago's Books Press

Hardcover: $39.50
Softcover: $29.50
208 pages with 200+ black & white and color illustrations

This book explores Chicago's classic restaurants from pre-1900 until the present including classics like Henrici's, Fritzel's, Shangri-La, The Bakery, Le Perroquet, The Berghoff, The Pump Room, The Cape Cod Room, The Walnut Room, and Gordon among many others. Then, post-1970, Richard Melman and Lawrence Levy introduced a new type of fun restaurant atmosphere in Chicago restaurants that ranged from R.J. Grunts, D.B. Kaplan, and Fritz That's It! to Lawrence of Oregano and Jonathan Livingston Seafood. Then there were the more upscale, traditional classic restaurants that included Ambria and Le Francais which preceded Everest, Tru, Trio, and Spiaggia. Chicago has traveled a long road to achieve its status with world-class restaurants that include Charlie Trotter’s, Rick Bayless’ Frontera Grill and Topolobampo, Scott Harris’ Francesca restaurants and Davanti Enoteca, Boka, Perennial, Girl and the Goat, Blackbird, Avec, Hugo’s Frog Bar, and Grant Achatz’ Alinea and Next.

There is also a wonderful Foreword to the book written by Penny Pollack, Dining Editor, Chicago Magazine.

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