Changing Chicago: A Portrait in Postcards and Photos

by Neal Samors and Steven Dahlman

Foreword by Lawrence Okrent
Introduction by Gary Johnson

Published by
Chicago’s Books Press, 2017

Available in hard cover, retail price: $40
200+ pages, 300+ post cards
and photos in color and black and white
ISBN: 978-0-9961417-1-0

Chicago was incorporated as a city in 1837, and for the years that followed before the Great Chicago Fire, the city grew slowly and steadily, finally becoming for a brief period the second largest city in America. After the Fire in 1871, the city rebuilt quickly and technological changes came with brick buildings, a more modern downtown and transportation system. This was the prologue to the concept of this new book about how Chicago has changed and adapted over the past 145 years. The authors, through the use of a combination of striking and evocative postcards gathered by Lawrence Okrent, black and white photos drawn from collections amassed by the Chicago History Museum and the CTA, and color photographs taken by one of the book’s co-authors, Steven Dahlman, have created a book that provides the reader with the many ways in which Chicago has changed from the 1880s to today.

Changing Chicago