Chicago's Neighborhoods, Incorporated

Chicago's Books Press, an imprint of Chicago's Neighborhoods, Inc. is an independent press that was established in 2003 and has now published numerous books about Chicago neighborhoods, downtown, North Michigan Avenue, Lake Shore Drive, classic restaurant, the Chicago River, and how the city developed over the decades, as well as publications that focus on a cross-section of the city's well-known personalities and places.  The company was created by Dr. Neal Samors, who has authored, co-authored and/or published 26 books, including the company's newest books: Changing Chicago: A Portrait in Postcards and Photos, by Neal Samors and Steven Dahlman, Now Arriving: Traveling To And From Chicago By Air, 90 Years Of Flight, by Neal Samors and Christopher Lynch, and Chicago's Classic Restaurants: Past, Present and Future, by Neal Samors, Eric Bronsky and Bob Dauber.

Dr. Samors is a lifelong resident of Chicago who grew up on the city's Far North Side and developed a passion for the history, neighborhoods and people of Chicago and its surrounding areas. His books reflect a continued commitment to tell the many stories about his hometown from its inception to the present. Dr. Samors' books have won three Independent Publishing Awards as well as several Superior Achievement awards from the Illinois State Historical Society.